Liberty Dominic

Let Freedom Reign!

Awakened in a strange place with no knowledge of how she got there, or even who she was Liberty only had a small packet of legal information and the clothes on her back to her name. Armed with only the knowledge that she was, in fact, a vampire, one with powers and with a considerable blood rank and that she was so very thirsty she struck out into the night in search of prey. 

Having made her way into a crowded part of town she picked a target at random, a tall, well built male who was taking a smoking break. She'd tackled several other males before--this one shouldn't be a problem, right? Think again. 

This male was one of her kindred. Once she overcame her shock and shame at her stupidity for not utilizing the powers vested in her she pleaded with him to help her locate an address on the documents she'd woken up with. An address in RavenBlack City. 

The male knew the place well but when they arrived at the address it was nothing more than a run down, abandoned warehouse. She learned for a fact that she had no familial connections, no where to go from there--but this vampire took mercy on her and offered her a place to stay while he and his mate tried to help her figure things out....

 **Note: This CS is ENTIRELY OOC**